“Alliances to fight poverty” is a network of alliances, groups and experts around the theme of poverty. Through conferences and seminars we built this network. The purpose of this network is to influence European policy and memberstate’s policy.

On this page you find a link to our conferences and seminars.

– We started in september 2010 to look if the idea of alliances was succesfull. Find more on: Alliance-conference

– In may 2011 we have a workseminar where we looked at the social and economic policy of Europe in confrontation with the ideas of the Capability Approach. Find more on: Rome-seminar

– In september 2011 we organised a social conference where we exchanged ideas around an other European social policy. Find more on: Social Conference

– In january 2012 we had a special seminar about the capability aproach. Find more on: Capability-conference

– In may 2012 we organised a succesfull seminar in Dublin where we discussed the anti-poverty policy of Europe and the housing policy in Europe. Find more on: Dublin-conference

– In november 2012 we organised a work seminar around the workers’ rights, flexicurity and the possibility for action. Find more on: flexicurity-seminar

– In january 2013 we organised a smal seminar about the capability approach to announce our book about the CA. All documents you find on the capability-conference- page

– In mai 2013 we will organise a seminar in Lisbon about inegality, social services and new social models for Europe on the seminar “for an equal and social Europe

More seminars are coming. We hope you find it interesting.

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