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Poverty reduction requires a commitment of all. The responsibility for a poverty reduction policy should not rest only on the shoulders of the grassroot organisations. It should be a responsibility of civil society in collaboration with those organisations.

This is the basic idea of alliances to fight poverty. Together we are stronger. Together we can weigh more on social policy. Together we can reduce poverty effectively.


The ACW is the umbrella of the Flemish and Brussels Christian workers’ movement, the MOC is the umbrella of the Walloon and Brussels Christian workers’movement that both unites trade union, health insurance services and socio-cultural organizations. ACW and MOC have two main objectives: 1. Weigh on policy with an agenda based on solidarity, social justice and sustainability 2. Translate these above mentioned cornerstones in daily life of our members and in fact for the people’s society as a whole. Via volunteer working we aim to build a warm, solidarity and sustainable society for all.



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