EuroMemorandum 2014

The deepening divisions in Europe and the need for a radical alternative to EU policies

The European Union is set to exit from recession, but parts of Europe are beset with depression-like conditions; unemployment is exceptionally high in the peripheral euro area countries and not expected to decline appreciably in the near future. The EuroMemorandum 2014 critically analyses recent economic developments in Europe and emphasises the need for an alternative economic policy. Harsh austerity policies have led to a widening social polarisation in Europe and to a process of industrial restructuring in which the position of Germany and other Northern countries has been strengthened while productive capacity in Southern Europe is being weakened. The EuroMemorandum is intended as a contribution to developing a different Europe that is based on the principles of democratic participation, social justice and environmental sustainability.

As in previous years, this EuroMemorandum provides a summary of key economic developments in Europe in 2013, a critique of the official policy responses adopted by the European Union and the member states, and an outline of the basis for progressive policy alternatives. In addition to the regular chapters, this year’s EuroMemorandum includes an in depth analysis of tax policy in Europe and the proposals for an EU-US Treaty of Trade and Investment. The EuroMemorandum 2014 will be published together with a list of signatories.

You can downlaod te EuroMemorandum 2014 here.

Therefore, if you are in broad agreement with the main lines of argument of this year’s EuroMemorandum, please express your support. In order to submit your declaration of support to the EuroMemo Group, please fill in the declaration of support and send it back by via email to 

Please distribute the EuroMemorandum 2014 widely.

Declaration of support

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EuroMemorandum 2014

The deepening divisions in Europe and the need for a radical alternative to EU policies

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