Privatisation as a distortion of Human Rights

Austerity measures have a more and more destructive impact on the application of our Human Rights. Governments are using privatisation of social services to mitigate the deficits on budgets. They forgot that privatisation ends in a distortion of Human Rights: the social services as water, as health, housing, … are now private services and have to listen to the terms of the private market. Accessibility and affordability, quality and quantity of the social goods and services are now not guaranteed anymore for everyone.

In Spain and Portugal people are now fighting against privatisation of social services.portugal

In Portugal the government wants to sell the public watercompany. A broad protest is rising. portugal2These pictures don’t need any translation.

521559_416412528429197_541133648_n2599035_345320048871779_1229509186_n4 525818_334047806665670_1374911415_n6734786_554145791262662_795858301_n     portugal_a-agua-e-vida_nao-a-privatizacao_534907_624_n

1 thought on “Privatisation as a distortion of Human Rights

  1. The crisis is not finished. And the consequences of it and of the “adjustment” measures could influence our lives during many years. What is happening in those more affected european countries could be seen as experimentations which represent a potential danger for the social and public services of any european country and region.

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