The capability approach as an answer to inequality?


We proudly present our report book of the seminar about capability approach on Friday, the 25th of January 2013, Brussels at ACV Bouw en Industrie, Trierstraat 31 Brussel 

The program of this interesting day is

9.30 am Welcome

10.00 am   Introduction by  Ingrid Robeyns ( University of Rotterdam, the Netherlands): The capability approach as an answer to inequality?

10.30 am Presentation of the report book by Michel Debruyne (ACW)

10.50 am The capability approach as a new paradigm for social movements. Key findings by Jean De Munck (UCL) and Erik Schokaert (HIVA)

11.40 am  New developments for the Capability Approach. Debate with the contributors of the report book.

12.30 am Lunch cocktail


In this report book you find contributions from Jean De Munck, Jean-Luc Dubois, Ortrud Lessmann, Debby Eraly, Robert Salais, Dirk Dalle, Luc Van Ootegem and Elsy Verhofstadt, Jean-Michel Bonvin, Eric Albertuccio, Chloé Crokart, Anne Snick, Kristel Driessens and Walter Van Trier.

The report book can be found on the conference-page “capability approach” from 1 february on where you can download it.

The report book can be bought on the seminarday: 10 euro’s for the book, seminar and lunch cocktail included.

more information:

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