From a torn Europe to an Europe of solidarity. Dublin 2012

!!! new documents on the page!!!

A very succesfull and interesting conference was held in Dublin on 10 and 11th of May.

The program was ambitious. The first day we discussed the state of affairs of social Europe and different countries in difficulties. in the afternoon we hearded many experts their view on a more social Europe.

The second day we discussies the state of affairs of the housing in Europe and in different countries and we looked for possibilities for a sustainable housing policy.

In the afternoon Irish politicians discussed the austerity programs and the new treaty. One conclusion: every party wants more attention to social goals. A centre-right wing politician spokes of the need of a redistribution pact.

There is really a new wind blowing in Europe.

On the new page: a europe of solidarity, you will find now the powerpointpresentations. This page will be amended regulary. so, look for the new items the next weeks.

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