A torn Europe? Europe on two tracks? Or a Europe based on solidarity?

The next seminar of “alliances to fight poverty” finds place in Dublin. Ireland as one of the first countries where the hammerstroke of austerity has fallen.

In this seminar we will explore the possibilities for a social policy and for an european policy based on solidarity.

The first day we will explore the ways out of  austerity policy. Is a social policy nowadays possible? Do we need another economic and social model for Europe? And is civil society a motor of change? These questions will be debated with experts, members of social movements, trade unions and poverty organisations. Exemples from different countries will clarify the debates.

The second day we will look to one of the triggers of the financial crisis: the housing market. What is the relation between the financial crisis and the housing market? The housing market needs also reforms because of the housing crisis in different countries. What options do we have and is a (european) sustainable housing policy possible?

Exemples from different countries will also clarify the problems, the challenges and the answers.

We end the seminar with a debate with members of European parliament.

You find the program in the left column.

If you wish more information about this seminar, please contact michel.debruyne@acw.be

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