Balancing the social and economic policy of Europe

Balancing the social and economic policy of Europe

Report of the Social Conference September 2011 Brussels

The EU2020 strategy set the ambitious target of reducing 20 millions of persons living in poverty, but it is hard to find how the actions taken at national level will make it real. On top of that, the austerity measures adopted in several countries against the crisis created side effects further exacerbating the situation of people living in poverty and other vulnerable groups.

The Christian Workers movement inWallonia, MOC, and the Flemish sister organisation ACW undertook already in 2010 a broad process of consultation and reflection on the European policies against poverty with organised civil society and social partners. This long process resulted in a two-day Conference on the 19th and the 20th of September 2011 in Brussels with the purpose to put forward concrete messages and so influence the next European political semester.

You can read more and find all the documents on the page “social conference”

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