“Employment and Poverty: the role of social partners

The European Social Observatory organised a seminar the 20the October 2010 on the topic of the role of social partners in the fight against poverty and social exclusion.

The conference aimed at stimulating the role of social partners in the crucial issue of the fight against poverty and social exclusion, their central role being widely acknowledged and emphasized in European and national social policy making. There is also a need to improve dialogue and collaboration between all stakeholders concerned by this issue. 

The conference  discussed the possibilities of action for social partners on the transversal question of the improvement of job quality as a way to contribute more efficiently to the reduction of poverty in European societies. The focus of discussions were on two major issues at the crossroads of employment and poverty: the working poor and the current emphasis on the so-called “active social inclusion”.

The conference discussed 10 key messages. They were centered on 1. looking for the promotion of the convergence of the actors on issues common to social inclusion and on 2. looking to involve stakeholders more closely in the policy formulation and governance processes.

More information on www.ose.be

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