Europe misses a chance to tackle poverty

Decenniumdoelen regrets that the European Parliament has not voted the proposal for a framework directive on a European minimum income.

With the Framework Directive, the Commission can introduce the principle of an adequate minimum wage in Europe. The Framework Directive could oblige Member States to take steps towards this minimum.

Decenniumdoelen wanted the Flemish representatives in Parliament  to support the proposal. Several representatives, however, abstained or voted against.

This is a missed opportunity for one of the main demands of organizations of the poor. We see that revenues are too low to live a dignified life and to participate fully in society.

For this reason, we demand our country and other European member states to grant a minimum income of sixty percent of median income. The EU Directive would have been an important stimulus. 85 million Europeans live in poverty. A minimum income would give them a chance to build a reasonable life.

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