Belgian social partners endorse the demands of the “decenniumdoelen”

ACV, ABVV and ACLVB support the demands to increase the minimum income schemes to the European poverty line.

At a press conference this afternoon of the “Decenniumdoelen”s (11/10) the workers movement gave their support to the demands  for raising the minimum income schemes. They will take these demands to the discussions for a new interprofesssional agreement this fall. Why should these income schemes have to be increased? A single person with a minimum income in Belgium survives with 740.32 euros, this is inhuman! The European poverty line indicates an amount of 899 euros per month, scientific studies indicate an even larger amount to be able to live in dignity.
Raising the minimum income schemes to the European poverty line is certainly not impossible. An examination of 2008 of the Treasury showed that the raising of the minimum income schemes would only cost 1.25 billion euros.

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